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Holidays on Capri. Holidays in Italy

The Isle of Capri in the Campania region is a symbol of holidays in Italy. According to the legend, it is the Myth Island and the habitat of the Sirens, who charm the unsuspecting mariners. Today Capri is mostly known due to the Italian cinema and bohemians, who glorified the island around the world in early 1950s.

Today most people consider Capri as a one-day island. Tourists go here for excursions from Naples and Sorrento. However, booking of hotels, apartments or villas on Capri is quite expensive today. The island has a reputation of a luxury resort.

Expensive boutiques, luxury hotels in Capri, its respectability and elitism made the island favorite for ones, but hated for others. One-day tour to Capri is considered as commercial tourism project with expensive boutiques and luxury designed to make money on tourists wherever it is possible. However, if you stay on Capri a little longer, you can see how the hidden pearls of the island are revealed after the high season. You will see its simple quiet nature, breathtaking sunsets in the bay of Naples and colorful commoners of the many cafes on Piazzetta - the main square of the island.

Capri consists of two cities – Capri itself and Anacapri located just above the plateau. Anacapri compared to the main town is much more like a town, while Capri is similar to a big tourist shop working in the daytime. However, both cities have interesting attractions.

Capri is a landmark, but not a beach resort. The rocky coast of the island left only a couple of places suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

On Capri during excursions tourists are usually transported from the port of Marina Grande. However they can use a cable car to enjoy beautiful views of the mountainous Capri.
What to do on Capri? Tourist must see the scenic views of the Faraglioni rock, climb the mountain Monte Solaro, make a walking tour along the main attractions of the island - the Arco Naturale and the grotto of Matermania, buy souvenirs in a shop on the main street of the island - Via Tragara, explore the ruins in the rural parts of the island and make a sightseeing boat tour around Capri.

In general Capri is suitable both for one-day trips and weekly holidays, where tourists can visit the beaches of Sorrento on the regular ferries and rest from the idle crowd in the depths of the island in a rural villa.


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