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Ischia is an island near the coast of Naples and center of beach holidays in Italy. Ischia has Monte Epomeo volcano, which adds extreme to the holidays on the island. There are subtropics, Ancient Greek traces, big and small coves and beaches hidden in the rocks. Holidays in Ischia are more fascinating if they are extreme.

The island covers an area of 46 square kilometers. It hosts several small towns and villages. The largest city has the same name as the island - Ischia. Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte are the two relatively large cities with interesting sights. For example, in Ischia Ponte is located the main architectural pearl of Ischia – the Aragonese Castle. Ischia preserved monuments of the Middle Ages, the eighteenth century, antiquity and modernity.

An integral part of the tour to the Ischia Island is Villa Ibsen, where the famous Norwegian writer created his Peer Gynt.

The main ports of Ischia along with Ischia Porto are also Forio and Casamicciola. These three ports receive the main part of tourists, who arrive on ferries cutters from Naples and Pozzuoli. Naples-Ischia flights are served by Medmar, Alilauro and Caremar companies.

Beaches in Ischia differ from the Bay of Naples or Amalfi coast. It is famous by the combination of rocky and sandy areas, the small size of beaches and beautiful landscapes. Spiaggia dei Pescatori beach is the city's major beach resort, where near the beach beds and umbrellas fishermen leave their boats. The biggest and most beautiful beach in Ischia is located near the village of San Angelo. It's called Spiaggia dei Maronti and in length is over 2 kilometers. The west coast of Ischia is generally more loaded than the east one. In the east of the island the main beaches are Spiaggia di Cartaromana near the tiny resort of San Michele, where you can find secluded bays even in high season. Near Forio are located such beaches as Spiaggia di San Francesco (north of the city) and Spiaggia di Citara (south of the city), which is considered to be the largest sandy beach of the island. To study all the beauty of the Ischia coast in the main port of the island all tourists can hire a boat with a guide, who will deliver you to the places inaccessible by the land.

Ischia is also a spa center in Italy. The first baths on the island were built in 1604 near the village of Casamicciola. Now here is located the historic thermal spa resort. The total number of mineral springs on the island is over fifty. For example, the mentioned above beach of Spiaggia di Citara near the Citara bay is famous for its Giardini Poseidon - a bath complex, where is used hot spring water. Wellness holidays on Ischia and treatment services are offered by such centers as Parco Termale Castiglione located between Ischia Porto and Casamicciola and Parco Termale Negombo at the Cape Monte Vico.


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