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Holidays in Positano

Positano is one of the most beautiful resorts in the south of Italy. Positano is situated in the Campania region and is part of the famous Amalfi Coast. The city, which once was a part of the Republic of Amalfi, now is a luxury resort. Its fruit trees scattered in the rocks cottages and villas, beaches and ladders are familiar even for those tourists, who have never been to Italy.

The high season lasts from June to September. Therefore, those who are looking for free beaches and hotels in Positano, it is better go here in October.

Positano is the resort with a great selection of restaurants, shops and sightseeing tours. There is located a cathedral, several churches, as well as cozy piazzas, where carefree Italian children play the ball. The lovers of active tourism will be interested not only by the streets in Positano. They can go by bus to the Montepertuso village with stunning views of the resort.

Features and beauties of Positano were opened to the wide tourist community by the American writer John Steinbeck, who in 1953 published his note in the fashion Harper's Bazaar edition. Now tourists from all over the world travel to see the small fishing village. At various times here vacationed dozens of celebrities, show business and cinema stars. Stravinsky and Diaghilev stopped in Positano. According to one version, the Rolling Stones hit Midnight Rambler was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in a cafe in Positano.

As for the cafes and restaurants, skills and taste of the local chefs can be discussed endlessly. But it's better to try one place, but many times. It can be, for example, a cafe on the Viale Pasitea. Among the best city cafes are Da Vincenzo and Lo Guarracino restaurant terrace.

In Positano with its very rocky coast there are, however a large number of beaches. There are two basic types of beaches: stabilimenti or paid beaches, and spiaggia liber, where you can pay nothing and take your own towel instead of sun loungers.


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