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Liguria fascinates. Liguria is one of the most popular resorts in Italy. Fabulous beaches, fishing villages and beautiful resorts are located on the Mediterranean coast in the region of Liguria. Genoa is the main city in the region of Liguria, and it divides at the same time the picturesque landscape of the coast of Potente and the coast of Levante.

Tourist region of Liguria is located between the region of Tuscany and the French border with the State of Monaco. Alluring Liguria invites all visitors and offers a matchless vacation in Italy in the north-western part of the Apennine peninsula. Sun, sea and sand inspired the Romans even in the times of Antiquity. Flowering hills, steep cliffs, quiet coves, white sandy beaches and the Alps of the Liguria region are an unusual accents of the surprising landscape of the region that attracts tourists with its beauty.

One of the most popular and favorite places for recreation is Portofino, which stretches down to the Ligurian Sea. In the town of Rapallo is located the castle, which was built in the 16th century. It is situated in the water. There are five tourist destinations, such as Augusto Monterroso, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore. They are also called "the five lands" - the Cinqueterre. The picturesque image of steep slopes is filled with the smell of wine fields and olive groves. In the region of Liguria are located such places for recreation as San Remo and Imperia. They, like a paradise on earth, will enable to feel more than a breath of luxury.

The amateurs of culture and art in particular will enjoy the rest in the capital of Liguria region, Genoa. In this city there is a large number of museums and art galleries in one of the most attractive, picturesque and of historic importance old cities. At the same time it is a charming city and the Mediterranean port city of the Italian island of Sardinia. No less attractive is Spezia, which is deservedly ranked second among the port cities of the region of Liguria.

Remote places of the Liguria region are paradises for hiking enthusiasts, mountain bikers and in winter this region is attractive for amateurs of skiing and long-runners. There are some hilly and picturesque places like Santo-Stefano-d'Aveto and fabulous Lake Lama.


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