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Traditional crafts in the region of Abruzzo

As in many other regions of Italy the national crafts in the resort region of Abruzzo are rooted in centuries-old traditions. Although the production of typical crafts is long and arduous process it in any case represents a major and often great value.

Craft skills of the people living in the region of Abruzzo can be assessed by looking at least at the products of artistic handicrafts. It is for sure that the souvenirs of the resort region of Abruzzo are made with great attention even to the smallest details. Household items are made of different materials very diligently and with the introduction of a large number of creative ideas. Since the region of Abruzzo souvenirs are handmade, so there's no the so-called industrial production, many of them can truly be called unique.

Often, in traditional handicrafts are used such materials as ceramics, clay, iron, gold, lace, copper, stone and much more. It is said that the agriculture of the region is closely connected with the craft, so there is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that wood, wool, leather and other materials are not only exquisite, but infinitely varied in its form.

If you decide to rent an apartment in the region of Castelli, so literally you will be able to look over potter’s shoulder. This region is the founder of the famous art of majolica. In this area many companies such as Gentil, Grue and Castelli for more than four centuries are the true family businesses.

Gold and silver in the blacksmith's art have achieved the recognition due to the medieval monasteries. Famous places where the filigree work was carried out with gold and silver are amazing Pescocostanzo and Scanno mountains. No less important in the region are such materials as copper and iron for the manufacturing of pots, pans, pitchers, candlesticks, etc. Do not forget about the stonemasons, who for centuries have a great influence on the traditional crafts of the region of Abruzzo.

Due to the agriculture are thriving such sectors as textiles and weaving. The most well known among the tourists are Italian blankets with antique examples of Taranto Pelinia. As for the leather, the riders have always valued the quality of saddles made in the region of Abruzzo.


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