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Culinary journey to Abruzzo

The cuisine of the Abruzzo region corresponds to the tourist’s idea of authentic Italian dishes. But this only applies to Italian pasta, vegetables and wine. This is the reason for a culinary trip to Abruzzo.

But we should stick to the order of things. In Abruzzo meal ends with a glass of wine. Abruzzo wine is described as dry, with a strong flavor and delicate aroma. Famous red wines are d'Abruzzo Montepulciano and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo white wine. Especially in coastal areas of the region are located large numbers of wineries. It is recommended to rent an apartment on the coast of Abruzzo if you want to taste the best sorts of Italian wine.

Also popular in this region are liqueurs, which include Centerbe from the region of Tocco da Casauria. Genziana is an excellent liqueur, created from the bitter gentian root. The most popular and delicious aromatic liqueur is Rafatia that is obtained from the cherries.

You should pay attention to the popular in the region of Abruzzo "hot" oil. This olive oil is added to the pressed chili peppers. This will impress even the most exquisite gourmets. In addition, the olive oil from Abruzzo is recognized and certified at the international level.

Now we should tell about really tasteful things: if you want to try the world's stronghold of Italian pasta, look for an apartment in Fara San Martino. In contrast to the South Tyrol, Trentino or Sicily in Abruzzo you can try thousands of variations of home-made pasta. The same goes for pork. The view of the meat platter will make you feel to be in the right place. Cheese is mostly sheep and is reflected in thousands of variations of cheese or mozzarella. Truffles here are also popular. This valuable tuber is used in cooking of various dishes and sausages.

For dessert are served cakes. You should definitely try Taralli, Mostaccioli and the sweetness of dried figs. And the chocolate cake is simply impossible to make better.


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