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Region of Basilicata is called abandoned because it is pressed between Calabria and Apulia. And, in fact, Basilicata region is not full of attractions to be known as a resort. In the heart of the region is located the Pollino National Park where the most popular areas are the coastal lines separated by the Apennines mountain range.

Holidays in Southern Italy

Do not expect from Basilicata region too much and only then it will open for a holidaymaker. Silence, innocence, a sense of true life will tempt you to rest in Basilicata region. If you look at Basilicata from a geographical point of view you can discover Italy in miniature. In one part of the region grow cypresses and in the other - orange trees and lemons. About Porto di Maratea say that this is the second Amalfi coast. The Pollino National Park impresses with its beeches, maples and other typically German trees. And finally, there is a crowd of Mother caves, which is among the oldest in Italy

Vacation on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts

Apennine range divides Basilicata region, which allows appearing of two completely different parts of the coast. Actually it is on the Tyrrhenian coast length of 20 km in the south of Italy are located the most beautiful fishing villages. If Basilicata region is more peasant in character then the hotels and summer homes on the Tyrrhenian coast is very elegant, and all beaches since 2003 always receive the quality mark "Blue Flag". The Ionian coast of Italy looks quite different. There are held excavations that reflects the history of the Greeks and the Romans, who left these remarkable architectural monuments. Such resorts as Metaponto or Policoro can not boast with its beauty, but they have great success while traveling to Basilicata region. Matera is the place where located the most famous sights. When travelling to see the attractions of Basilicata you can get acquainted with the ancient peasant culture. Less than 60 years ago more than a half of all people in Matera lived in the so-called sassi. Sassi are residential buildings, the caves and church buildings in the limestone gorge, some of which were made in the 8th century BC.


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A village in Italy was put up for sale on eBay
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