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Lake Como

Lake Como

According to many travelers Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy. It is located in the north and many call it a paradise, but for a beach holiday better suits Upper Italian Lakes Maggiore, Lugano and Garda. But here on Lake Como among lush gardens, magnificent mansions, in the background of fabulous mountain scenery you will spend an unforgettable vacation. The mild Mediterranean climate will awaken in you the best emotions.

The city of Como, which gave the name to the lake, is the largest in the region. The town of Bellagio located on the right side of Lake Como is described as charming, beautiful and majestic city. By car as well as on a boat on the lake you can reach the cities of Cernobbio, Menaggio, Tremezzo and Thorne. During the holiday in Italy it is worth to go for a walk around the lake among the breathtaking landscapes and scenes, as well as to enjoy the gardens in such mansions as Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and Villa d'Este, which gained popularity along with the Nobel hotel.

The traveler can see on Lake Como the Bulberi grotto and the gorges of Ness and Bellano, where mountain streams found its way between high cliffs with unusual effects of light and color.

Lake Como is famous for its multi-faceted handicrafts. Silk for centuries played in the region one of the most important roles. The development of this industry is reflected in the museum on the shores of Lake Como. But the rough furniture, blacksmith's crafts and the production of organs is an integral part of everyday life on Lake Como.

The man, who had come to Italy to do active sports - surfing, sailing, horseback riding, boating, or even barging, will be able to realize it on Lake Como at Lombardy resort. With food and drink, as well as local wines the romantic trip to Lake Como often becomes healing.


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