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Lake Lago Maggiore

Lake Lago Maggiore

In the leeward side of the Alps and not far from the valley of the Po River is located the most famous Italian lake Lago Maggiore. Lago Maggiore is a cross-border lake as it is located on the border of the two countries - Italy and Switzerland.

Excellent Italian cuisine and famous wines of Lombardy, the mild climate and magnificent scenery promises a unique holiday on Lake Maggiore in Italy. The places like Streza, Verbania Pallanza and Baveno are famous for its beautiful villas surrounded by beautiful gardens and adjacent parks. These are the most popular resorts on Lake Maggiore, which are in high demand even among the royal houses of Europe and celebrities. One of the most beautiful panoramic views of Lake Maggiore opens in the moment when you reach in a hanging cabin the Sasso del Ferro Mountains on the East Coast or Mottarone - on the West.

The typical souvenir from vacation on Lago Maggiore you can find in respected craft workshops. An interesting fact in the craftsmanship is its historical orientation up to the period of Antiquity and from the other hand - the traditions and customs that are often shown in the form of legends at various events. International events and meetings with world’s leaders on Lake Maggiore are held in accordance with the customs, traditions and cultural characteristics of the Lombardy region.

Diving on Lake Maggiore is as relevant as horse riding and golf. Golf courses on the Italian side of the lake can be found in Agrate Conturbia, Gignese and in some areas of Streza. Along the shores of the lake Lago Maggiore there is a large number of sailing clubs and schools that were awarded at various levels and categories. Lago Maggiore is a paradise for surfers and rowers. Quiet walks along the coast of the resort areas can be considered as the invitation for healing, relaxation and quiet rest in northern Italy.


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