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"All roads lead to Rome". In a city that once was the capital of the mighty Roman Empire. Today, Rome like no other city in the world is rich with the sights and cultural values of Antiquity. Anyone who has traveled to Rome would definitely say that one day is not enough to get acquainted with this city, its history, its development and its present life. And he will be right. Some come to Rome to meet with the city, to view it, to feel its life. And some just go to Rome and only there understand how many unusual and surprising they will see.

The sights of Rome

On every alley and street of Rome tourists will find small or large cozy cafes, which offer not only coffee, but various menus. While sightseeing in Rome tourists can experience the atmosphere of antiquity and to change their point of view on many monuments and buildings of the city. An abundance of attractions in Rome will impress every tourist who came first in this amazing city. Take a walk through Rome and you will enjoy the diversity of each part of the city. You will discover the secrets of Rome's sights, learn the history of the Spanish Steps; you will get acquainted with the roads of Vatican and the Trevi Fountain. Also you will visit the Roman Forum, located in the heart of ancient Rome. And you can enjoy beautiful parks, located near St. Peter's Cathedral, as well as the Villa Borghese.

Accommodation in Rome

To Rome are organized many excursions and trips, both for the young people and for the connoisseurs of the art. It is said that those who fell in love with Rome, return here again and again. And this is true. In Rome, for tourists are waiting numerous hotels, houses, flats: from youth hostels to luxury hotels. Every tourist here will be always welcomed sincerely.

Nightlife in Rome

Rome is amazing especially at night. In Rome during the whole year are held festivals, which sometimes reach international level. But often these are regional holidays, which make Rome more attractive and important for the world.


"The king of mozzarella" was arrested in Naples
Italian police have arrested the head of one of the largest mozzarella producers on suspicion of having links with the mafia.
The most philosophical Italian city was found
To be or not to be? Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Why do we need this all? In the small town of Corigliano d'Otranto in the southern Italian province of Lecce tourists can find the answers to these and many other questions related to the problems of human existence.
A village in Italy was put up for sale on eBay
Financial crisis in Italy is the catalyst of unusual initiatives of small settlements that need funds. One of these places is Pratariccia village in Tuscany. It was put up for auction on the eBay site for 2.5 million Euros.