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Venice is the most wonderful city, located on the islands of the Venice lagoon. The city has an irresistible symbolism. It is, like a work of art, draws the attention to itself again and again. Venice is a city of romance, a city of love. Travelling to Venice we discover the history of navigation of Italy, the art of making glass, as well as architectural masterpieces, which in its beauty, elegance and grace are not comparable to anything in the world.

Journey to the Adriatic Sea in the north of Italy, in Venice is like a journey that full of mythical stories, predictions, historical stories and endless tales. Legends of Venice attract as well as the Grand Canal - the most beautiful and famous canal of the city and the major transportation hub of the world. Broad waterways entwine the entire historical part of the old city. Also attract the attention the magnificent palaces, colorful villas and mansions in Venice.

Undoubtedly, Saint Mark's Square and the St. Mark's Cathedral are the central places in Venice and the most attractive sights for the tourists all over Italy. Meanwhile, small places in Venice, such as the Church of Santo-Stefano and Santa Margarita are built in a typical Italian style. From here you can walk to the main sights of Venice. It includes museums in Venice, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, the Gallery of the Academy in Venice and the Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection. Also are worth visiting the Church of San Rocco, the City’s Museum Correra, the palace of Ca 'd'Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia). Many other secrets are lurking in the canals and streets of Venice.

The Palace of Doges and the Rialto Bridge are the most important and famous places for sightseeing in Venice. Like the legendary world-famous carnival in Venice emphasizes elegance and individuality of the romantic Italian city of Venice.


"The king of mozzarella" was arrested in Naples
Italian police have arrested the head of one of the largest mozzarella producers on suspicion of having links with the mafia.
The most philosophical Italian city was found
To be or not to be? Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Why do we need this all? In the small town of Corigliano d'Otranto in the southern Italian province of Lecce tourists can find the answers to these and many other questions related to the problems of human existence.
A village in Italy was put up for sale on eBay
Financial crisis in Italy is the catalyst of unusual initiatives of small settlements that need funds. One of these places is Pratariccia village in Tuscany. It was put up for auction on the eBay site for 2.5 million Euros.