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Emergency phones in Italy

Before you decide to enter an emergency service phone number in Italy, be sure that this situation is really very important to phone. The situation is that most of these phones are managed by people speaking in the Italian language, so you need to know at least a couple of expressions. Medical care in case of need in Italy is available around the clock and you can be sure that you always find help there. You should definitely know that the negotiations may be conducted in English, which increases understanding of your request by the dispatcher. If you are going to make a trip to Italy, do not forget to bring a list of phone numbers.

Help on telephone numbers: 12

Police station, Carabinieri: 112

Police: 113

Fire brigade: 115

Mountain Rescue Service: 77171

Coast Guard: 1530

Park service: 1515

Emergency: 118

Customs: 117

Support service of the Italian street car club: 803116

If you know some other emergency phones in Italy, please send them to our editor.


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