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To Italy by train

Travel to Italy by train on the railway for many tourists, organizing a trip to this beautiful country, is one of the best alternatives to air travel or a private car. Train travels with sleeping coaches or trailers are convenient even over long distances. You get to your destination fresh and rested. And you'll enjoy the first day in the hotel, cottage or house rented for the holidays. For kids train travel will be more convenient than by car as children will have an excellent opportunity not to sit on one place and to move freely and play. It is also recommended to go on a trip to Italy by train to get pleasure from the travel, adventure and interesting conversations.

While traveling to Italy by train you can enjoy the travel, see the most important and interesting places, cities along the railway, which stretches from Moscow, via Bolzano and Trento directly to the city of Verona. However, there are many routes from Russia to Italy between the great metropolises of Russia itself and the most important tourist regions of Italy. Constantly depart trains to Italy from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities directly into most major cities and centers of beautiful Italy. And in the midst of the season train routes also pass through the famous Italian lakes. In every region of Italy, for example, in Tyrol, Trento, Bolzano, Liguria and to the Tuscany coast you can go by train. Sardinia, as well as the region of Umbria and Lazio can be reached by train. Meanwhile, a trip by train gives travelers to Italy detailed information. A good advice is when searching for a suitable route for a train, you can also choose the travel agency which can offer better price and more convenient route.

In Italy rail transport is divided into international, regional and local levels. Therefore, it is easy to organize a trip by train to a big city as well as in small towns of Italy. Tourists can also travel by train even to one of the islands of Italy. Here the railroad is linked with the steam, so you can make a change.
We wish you a successful and interesting trip to Italy.


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