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Campings in Italy

Vacationers at the camping now create thousands of sites and individual campsites throughout Italy. It seems that while in central Italy you should seek the campsite longer and more thoroughly, on the shores of the sea and the lakes in Italy there are no bays, where there wouldn’t be at least one place for camping. However, there are regions, for example, the eastern part of Lake Garda, where are up to ten sites for camping.

As a rule, it is considered that the time for camping in Italy begins in May and ends in October. And only in some regions of Italy, for example, in Sicily, open space for camping operate all year round. Fans of animated representations, noisy entertainment, parties, events and family festivals or attractions will not be disappointed having arrived in Italy in July and August. Places for camping in Italy are fully occupied by the people. But we can console those who still can not find a free place for camping. Unorganized camping in Italy is not only allowed, but is also completely legal. Of course, this concern parking and free sites, which are not under environmental protection. In addition in Italy you can also find the info about the possibility of accommodation on a small site for camping on the territories of peasants’ homes, estates and cottages.

Prices for camping in Italy are not fixed. The price for camping is set by the landlord. However, we can assume that the price for camping area increases with increasing of number of vacationers and those who wish to stay at camping for the vacation. At some places, prices are sometimes just jumping up. Another inexplicable rule - the further from the coast is camping area, the less there will be the price.

Campsites in Italy have significant differences. At some campsites are installed paid showers. And when coming to other places for camping, you get just an oasis of enjoyment with a swimming pool, with a large range of restaurants and cafes, with small shops and boutiques. As it was mentioned above, in Italy there are thousands of opportunities for camping.


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