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Active recreation in Italy

Holidays in Italy are actually considered to be the best and worthwhile, if you have the opportunity to actively explore the country. Unlimited variety of regions in Italy provides very many opportunities for active sports amateurs. There are many proposals for active vacations in Italy: from hiking tours along the old trade and pilgrim routes, water sports and winter sports and up to the white water rafting and paragliding, as well as mountaineering in the winter and free rock climbing.

Mostly Italy is a country with a very big number of sport opportunities. Accordingly, in every region of Italy you will find many different proposals of active rest in this country. Of course, you can completely trust the organization of your vacation in Italy to the travel agent. However, you will better feel the freedom, the flexibility of travelling and freedom of choice in active rest and get more suggestions if you are organizing you holidays by yourself.

Now Italy is developing such type of tourism as hiking tours that are popular with holidaymakers. Therefore it actively develops new thematic and hiking tours in various regions of Italy. Much greater coverage gained the cycle sport in Italy. Cycling starts with simple tours along the coast and reaches the capabilities to perform a professional mountain biking tours.

Peacefulness and serenity is inherent in the golf. Italians like almost all kinds of sport games, where the game is playing with a ball or when in sport there is a round shape. And they win in these games. It is done also at the beach or camping sites. And here wheels are also has round shape. And so it is not surprising that in addition to the Grand Prix and «Moto GP» motorcycle tours in Italy are also active kinds of rest.

Rapidly developing and active sports are also available in Italy in winter. The world of such mountains as the Alps, the Apennines and the Dolomites in Italy accompany this. Skiing, snowboarding is also closely linked with the winter Italy, as well as surfing, sailing, diving and boating in summer.

Active rest in Italy may also be interesting for the athletes and fans of extreme sport. There are held annual events: rock climbing in winter, free climbing, skiing, canoeing and rafting. All these events are highly popular.


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