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Cruises in Italy

For thousands of years goods were transported by the waters of the Italian rivers, captains and passengers were delighted with the most beautiful squares in Italy. Here a few decades ago began a river cruise in Italy. River cruise in Italy today is a frequently used form of recreation to get acquainted with Italy on the water.

Sunny Italy has a number of navigable basins and, according to statistics, there are more than 2000 kilometers of waterways, which are suitable for river cruises in Italy. One of the most important regions for many river cruises is the resort region of Lombardy in northern Italy. This is exactly where are located more than half of all calculated kilometers. In the Italian region of Lombardy there are about 50 of the most attractive tourist destination ports in Northern Italy.

River cruises are primarily affected by the atmosphere of the beautiful ships. It is also interesting that all passengers use similar motives for committing river cruises in Italy. Along the route, you can see the places, some with historical facts, partially representing the beautiful landscape of Italy against the background of an unforgettable and marvelous vacation in this area.

The longest river in Italy is the river Po. But here pass regularly three completely different cruise ships, ferry Venice of the Swiss shipping company, Michelangelo, and Casanova. Both are a part of the German shipping company known for its river cruises. Typical objects that are located along the Po River are, for example, Cremona, Ferrara and Mantua. It goes without saying that the excursions are also offered in inland waters, such as the legendary destination of Verona.

Another Italian tourist region, which comes into contact with river cruises, is Veneto. Here there are six different ways for traveling. In the resort area of Lazio the river cruises on the Tiber are popular alternative to antiquity and are sometimes called Rome.


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