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Vacations with children in Italy

If you are going on holiday to Italy with your children it becomes clear that Italy is not so close. You must carefully prepare for the traveling to Italy with children, regardless whether you go by train or by car. However, having arrived in Italy, it is immediately felt that Italy loves children.

In Italy there is a shortage of children playgrounds. Nevertheless, almost at every recreational area, at each campsite and in every hotel you will find many different game sites for children. Also, many guest houses, cottages and villas that are leased to the tourists are equipped with children playgrounds and sport fields or at least they have a swimming pool. Especially popular with tourists traveling to Italy with children are holidays in the countryside. For relaxing on the beach with children tourists are often advised to rest on the Adriatic Sea as well as on the sea coasts of Liguria and Tuscany regions. Here is a range of inexpensive hotels for families with children. Holidaying with children in northern Italy provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and history of the northern regions and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Also in the north of Italy there is a large number of parks and unusual sights. In the Italian region of Lombardy Capriati-San Gervasio, a miniature park located near Bergamo is always happy to welcome its young guests and tourists. Also there is the city of Bolzano with a rich history and full of surprises, Otzi - the ice mummy of a man, known in Italy as Similaun man. In Genoa is located the largest aquarium in Europe.

Nevertheless, in the south of Italy you can perfectly rest with your children. There are held many festivals and holidays, for example in Safari Park of Fasano in Apulia. Splash Water Park will give the children an immense joy and a lot of fun. And the city of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, will plunge them into an enchanting fairy tale where the dolls become alive.

In the big cities of Italy it is also interesting to rest with children. The largest stalactite cave in the world located in the city of Trieste will especially attract your attention. You should visit at least once Villa Ada, a place of entertainment for children in Rome, as well as children's museum located on the Flaminius road. In Italy you can always learn something new and interesting.


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