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Beach holidays in Italy

Italy is a country of sea, sun and beaches. It is also famous for its lakes located in northern and central Italy. One word Italy means an ideal destination for a beach holiday.

Beach holiday in Italy means a romantic seclusion in a quiet bay, a wonderful vacation for families with children, the purest sand on the coasts and beautiful beaches, which stretch for several kilometers.

In addition to the beach holiday in northern Italy there is a large number of thermal springs and balneology resorts for tourists from all over Europe and rest of the world.

Italy has succeeded in promoting attractive rest on the coast. It also offers tourists a large number of private beaches, which are kept in perfect conditions and fights for clean beaches. However, you should avoid the beaches located near the ports and river mouths. If you are planning a vacation on the beach in Italy you need to know that in most cases the entrance there is not free. The cost of the entrance ticket varies by region and is in the range of 5 to 15 €. You can purchase a week ticket to the beach for one tourist or for the whole family. Subscription is also available in the foreign tourist bureaus.

In the north are located Liguria and Venice, well-known tourist regions of Italy. On the coast of the Adriatic Sea there are such famous places as Bibione, Rimini and Riccione, which are among the most favorite holiday destinations on the coast of Italy. In general, the entire coastline, from the city of Trieste and up to Cattolica is called "the largest coastline in Europe." Equally popular and legendary are the coastal resorts and fishing places in Liguria: La Spezia, Cinque Terre and San Remo.

The cities of Tuscany region are still considered to be the most mysterious and enchanting places. There are the most beautiful golden sandy beaches and old fishing villages, which are today among the largest marine yacht centers.

Do not forget about the lakes located in northern Italy. Meanwhile, true natural beaches are rarely met here. These lakes are designed mostly not for coming for the holiday tourists, but for the amateurs and professionals involved in water sports. The lakes located in central Italy are warmer and can also offer a romantic holiday surrounded by lovely nature.

The more southern your vacation in Italy will be the purer you beaches on the seacoast you will find. Snow-white and if you are lucky even virtually deserted beaches you'll discover in the region of Calabria. Rocky cliffs and fabulous bays in the north of Sicily are worth of special attention for tourists planning to spend a wonderful vacation on the sea. On the east coast of Sicily are more common shingle beaches. However, the southern coast of Sicily surprises by its endless sandy beaches. Costa Smeralda in Sardinia is a place that is very popular in Italy among the fans of beach holidays.


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