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Acquaintance with the historical and cultural values of Italy

Pompeii. Sunset on the Abundance Street Pompeii. Sunset on the Abundance Street

In terms of architecture and art Italy is an open book. Hardly anyone else in any other country can be so many unique treasures from different historical periods. In Italy preserved many historical proofs of various ages, which are a unique treasure for the future. Virtually no other country apart from Italy could give the world so many talented and unique in its kind artists. Italy gave the world famous architects, artists, painters, sculptors, composers, poets and artists. Certainly, there are thousands of other reasons for deciding to go to Italy to study it and get to know it better.

One of the main reasons for excursion tour to Italy is, of course, the fact that in Italy there is a huge number of attractions. Some of the main attractions, which should be visited at the beginning of the trip, are a wonderful cultural heritage of Italy that survived from the Roman Empire, the period of the Etruscans and even the Stone Age. The sights of Italy include outstanding works of art that can be represented as a whole city, a landscape, a small province or a separate monument. All works of art in Italy are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Every Italian city of art or cultural institutions may also be one of the reasons for excursion tours to Italy. The most convenient way to view and get acquainted with the sights in every town of Italy it's walking around the town. In northern and central Italy there are many cities with historical part of the Old City. And it should be visited in the first place when getting acquainted with Italy. Here tourist will be greatly impressed by the Cathedral, built in Romanesque and Gothic styles. In southern Italy there are old religious monuments that were built on the basis of Byzantine, Arab and Norman styles.

When getting acquainted with the historical and cultural values of Italy you should become better known with the names of the greatest men of the past. These include Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Buonarroti, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Donatello, Raphael, and Antonello da Messina. One can hardly find a town in Italy, which would not know and would not appreciate the names of these great talents. The most famous places of these artists are Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples and Florence.

A trip to southern Italy may be associated with a history of baroque style, which prevails in luxurious palaces, richly decorated churches in Naples, Catania, Agrigento, in the town of Ragusa and Noto. In addition, study tours in Italy lead to the Valley of the Temples, located in Agrigento. This place has become the evidence of the existence of Greek civilization in Italy. And the Italian city of Pompeii or in another way "The museum city" has always been a special city. It kept its charm and mystery until today.

And in conclusion we can say that the history of the Etruscans and the mysterious myths of the Lazio region and thousands of other historical and cultural heritage items in Italy may be the reason for deciding to go and see this wonderful country with its history and universal cultural values of different eras.

Photo: De Agostini Picture Library


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