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Health resorts in Italy

In Italy since the time of the Roman Empire were known many health resorts and sanatoriums. Italy is now a very popular destination for health tourism. This country has a large number of spas and spas with thermal waters. Thermal waters with excellent natural conditions, the crystal clear water and curative mud contribute to health improvement, prevention of various diseases, as well as just rest and relaxation.

All motels and resorts in Italy have a developed infrastructure and excellent service. In the treatment are used the latest and the most effective methods of pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine, balneology and physiotherapy, as well as a large variety of health care procedures. Staying at health resorts in Italy not only promotes healing, but also strengthens the immunity, restores the psycho-physiological state and combats fatigue.

In addition to the recovery in the Italian health centers you can visit the famous sights of Italy, museums, parks and reserves. The voucher to the health resorts in Italy you can buy in the same travel agency, as simple tourist tours.

The most famous thermal resort in Italy is Fiuggi, which is located in the province of Lazio. Fiuggi mineral water in its composition is unique in the world. There is practiced the treatment and prevention of diseases of the urogenital organs, inflammatory and infectious diseases, as well as combating fatigue and stress. There is also an opportunity to make a general cleansing of the body, and the presence of beautiful parks and forests only contributes to the greatest health improvement of clients.

Another resort in Italy Abano is among the best on the European continent. It is not far from Venice and offers excellent conditions for treatment, recuperation, rejuvenation and weight loss. Hot springs with the temperatures of 87C contain many useful elements, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, ammonium, iron, sodium, sulfur, bromine and iodine. Also are available therapeutic massage, inhalation, sports and much more.

Near Abano is located another mud and balneological resort of Italy Montegrotto. In the process of treatment here is used the healing mineral waters and the mud. The unique therapeutic mud, called Fang, is formed under the influence of mineral waters and is enriched with active minerals. The process occurs in the underground caves. The resort also has shops, parks, theater and other attractions.

In Italy since the ancient times was known such resort as Saturnia, named after the Roman god Saturn. The resort is located in the region of Tuscany. Thermal waters come from the crater of an extinct volcano. In sulfur water with a temperature of 37.5 degrees can swim even children, and for everybody are carried out various treatments, massages and ayurveda. Here are treated dermatological diseases, diseases of muscles and respiratory system.

The diseases of the musculoskeletal system, digestive system are treated at the resorts of Mitecatini, Chianciano Terme and Cashan. The treatment of the problems associated with breathing, dermatology, as well as services for the rejuvenation is performed at the resorts of Monsummano Terme, Terme di Pina, Sirmione and Monsummano.


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