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Italian visas

Italian visas for the citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are today given on different conditions and at different prices.

Italian visas for the Russian citizens

For Russian citizens single entry visa to Italy will cost EUR 35 (June 2010). Recently, the Embassy of Italy announced its intention to issue multiple entry visas to Russian citizens for up to one year. Their value also will be 35 euros plus a service fee of 1000 rubles.

Period of visa to Italy for the Russians is 7 days minimun.

Address of the Consulate General of Italy in Moscow:
109180 Moscow
Yakimanskaya Quay, 10
Phone: +7 (495) 796 96 92, 916 54 49, 916 54 51

Address of Visa Application Centre of Italy in Moscow:
Malaya Polyanka, 2
Phone: +7 (495) 229 29 01
Hours and reception of documents: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00

Address of the Consulate General of Italy in St. Petersburg
190068 - St. Petersburg
Theatre Square, 10
Phone: +7 (812) 3123217, 3123106, 7188095

Address of Visa Application Centre of Italy in St. Petersburg:
Fontanka Embankment, Building 103
Phone: +7 812 6550289

Italian visas for Ukrainian citizens

For citizens of Ukraine the cost of visa to Italy depends on the duration of stay in the country. Visa costs EUR 35 (June 2010) and is given for minimum 7 days. The average term of registration is 2 weeks. Please, note: since April 6, 2010 Italian Embassy in Ukraine has introduced a new application form for filing a visa.

Ukrainians can get Italian visas both in the Consular Centre of the Italian Embassy and tin the Visa Center. When applying for a visa at the Visa Center must be paid an additional fee of 25 euros.

Embassy of Italy in Ukraine:
01901, Kiev, Yaroslaviv Val, 32-b

Address of Visa Application Centre of Italy in Kiev:
Frunze Street, 60
Call-Center: +38 044 594 96 17
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9.30-13.30, 15.00-18.00, Fri. 8.00-13.00, 14.00-16.00

Italian visas for Belarusian citizens

The visa fee for Belarusian citizens in Italy as of June 2010 is 60 euros. Belarusians can apply for a visa in the Embassy of Italy in Belarus and in the Visa Center of Italy in Moscow.

Embassy of Italy in Belarus
220004 Minsk
Rakovskaya Street, 16b
Consular and Visa Section:
Phone: +375-17-220.20.01
Hours: Monday-Friday 09.30 - 11.30


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