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Horse riding in Italy

Horse riding in Sardinia Horse riding in Sardinia

Are you familiar with the Italian word "Buttero"? Translated from the Italian language it means "a shepherd of horses - the herdsman". This is one of the oldest professions in Italy. If the term is familiar, then you are probably already at least once been in Italy and rode on horseback. Herdsman (horse shepherd) can be seen on the farm, where you can also ride horses. Riding reveals the secrets of one of the oldest professions in Italy. Horseback riding is popular in Italy thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

In Italy, for many years, has been an increase of tourists who are interested in riding on horseback. Horse riding during a holiday in Italy is not only an alternative form of active and exciting outdoor activities. It is also a great opportunity to spend your leisure in the company of friends. Very rarely tourists go on horseback alone. It's amazing how riding together makes friends closer. Here you can simply enjoy horseback riding with friends, and, of course, gain experience in addressing common challenges.

In most regions of Italy are located centers of equestrian sports and horse riding. Here, even for a beginner will choose a suitable horse, so he could enjoy riding in Italy. Some tourists, who visit the stables, like to simply enjoy the view of the horses. Here especially for children are available ponies and horses, which can ride on horseback even by children. Therefore, the whole family can have a good time and enjoy a guided tour and a trip on horseback.

Virtually all regions of Italy have very good tracks for horse riding. So, interesting horse excursions pass along the paths that were previously used by the ancient Roman consuls. Tours are also provided on the routes, where passed the routes of the Middle Ages pilgrims. These include the Via Francigena path, which originates in France and extends to Rome. Many paths are associated with culinary specialties of different regions of Italy. For example, truffles in the Piedmont region or grape roads in Sicily, or the Chianti route in Tuscany. Other paths usually pass through the wildlife. For example, one of the routes leads directly to the source of the Tiber.

Maremma, located on the southern coast of Tuscany, is one of the best and most common places for horse excursions. Here only trails for riding with different levels of complexity and different soil of the roads stretch for more than 500 kilometers. Another way of holiday in Italy is activities associated with horses. «Palio» - participating in the races, annually gathers a large enthusiastic crowd, including tourists from different countries. In the city of Verona is held a legendary annual horse exhibition. This is one of the stages of the race, which takes place in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Besides, vacations in Italy are always associated with its history, art, and cuisine of different Italian regions.

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