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In Italy will be launched Europe's largest solar power plant

In Italy will be launched Europe's largest solar power plant
In Italy will be launched Europe's largest solar power plant

Italy will soon launch Europe's largest solar power plant. The construction of a new energy giant was recently approved by the Government of Italy. Implementation of the project is entrusted to the American company Sun Edison.

A new solar power plant is located in northeast Italy near the town of Rovigo. Supplies of electricity from the station are scheduled to begin in the second half of 2010. Sun Edison promises to run the station at full capacity by the end of this year.

The power of the new power plant is 72 megawatts. That's enough to provide electricity for more than 17 000 houses. The area occupied by the new energy facility in Italy is 850 000 square meters or 120 football fields. According to the representatives of Sun Edison, a new power station would be higher than currently existing European analogs. Thus, the largest solar power plant in Europe Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park, located in Spain near the town of Olmedilla, generates 60 megawatts of electricity.

Another option, which is pointed out by the developers of the project is that the station is ecologically-friendly. Innovative technologies will help avoid emissions of 41 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is equivalent of emissions, which produce 8000 cars each year.

Financing of the construction of the station will be conducted with the participation of Banco Santander. The total investment is from 200 to 250 million euros.

As a building contractor will act the Spanish company Isolux Corsan, which has already constructed energy facilities in Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

In terms of employment, the opening of Solar Electric Power System in the vicinity of Rovigo means creating at least 350 new jobs.

Launching the new power plant will enable Italy to reach second place in Europe after Germany in terms of production of solar electricity.

Date: 16/03/2010

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