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In Milan will be held the exhibition of hobbies

In Milan will be held the exhibition of hobbies
In Milan will be held the exhibition of hobbies

From 26 to 28 of March 2010 in Milan, in the MediolanumForum pavilion of the Exhibition Centre Fiera Milano, will be held one of the most unusual shows of spring 2010 in Italy. It will be Hobby Show. For Italy the Hobby Show is one of the major events in the field of modern mass art, design and publishing. In addition, Hobby Show is the focus of the wildest ideas, ranging from illustrations to industrial design.

Hobby Show in Milan takes place twice a year – in spring and autumn. In addition, once a year, in autumn, the show can be seen in Rome. The current exhibition, as well as the previous ones, will be rich in numerous seminars and workshops. Dozens of companies from large manufacturers to small workshops and institutes studying art will acquaint visitors with the latest trends in contemporary visual arts and crafts, which are now becoming increasingly popular as a hobby: pottery, jewelry, sculpture, etc. e.

The total area occupied by the exposition of the Hobby Show in Milan will be more than 10000 meters. The current exhibition organizers are planning to hold several events devoted to different likings. Thus, at the Hobby Show 2010 will be held Cartoomics, a special event, where will be showed all sorts of comics. One more event of the exhibition is Ludica. It is the festival of Italian gamers, which brings together diverse expositions to a single theme - "The Game". Ludica introduces both traditional games and innovations that are designed to bring the gaming to the next level.

As you might guess the target audience of the Hobby Show 2010 in Milan is children and adults. For children at the exhibition will be organized special entertainment room. Also, Children's Services will be available within Ludica. As for adults, among the potential visitors of the Hobby Show exhibition can be seen quite a bright palette of professions: from students and tradesmen to radio DJs and heads of cultural funds.

More information about the exhibition is available on these numbers:

+39 02 66301754
+39 02 7740 4343

Details also can be found out by contacting the Milan tourist information office at Piazza Duomo 19 /a as well as visiting exhibitions’ site

Date: 24/03/2010

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