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Exhibitions in Rome: a unique exhibition at the Villa of the Emperor

Exhibitions in Rome: a unique exhibition at the Villa of the Emperor
Exhibitions in Rome: a unique exhibition at the Villa of the Emperor

Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, which is 30 kilometers from Rome, is the once magnificent building, which today presents the picturesque ruins and archaeological sites. According to on Tuesday 30 April 2010 in the former imperial residence opened an exhibition, which tells in details about the history of one of the most magnificent buildings of ancient Rome.

Dozens of unique items that were previously interior elements of Hadrian’s Villa returned to Italy from around the world in order to appear before the tourists in their original location. The main part of the exhibition is located in an artificial grotto of Konopus, where visitors can see exhibits in their natural surroundings.

Among the items that will be on display are: a red statue of drunken faun, a cup with ornaments of crows and snakes, as well as portraits of Marcus Aurelius and the wife of the Emperor Hadrian Vibia Sibina.

Busts of the Emperor’s lover Antino and the last Roman Emperor Alexander Severus, fragments of floor tiles - these former elements of decor of the villa of the ruler of ancient Rome also find their place in a unique exhibition.

At the exhibition will be also presented the results of excavations that were conducted in the Hadrian’s villa for the past ten years. In addition, organizers expect to demonstrate how much works of the Roman legacy are waiting restoration. The former residence of the Emperor of Rome occupied at the time the territory of 120 hectares. To date, the public property is only 80 hectares. The remained part of the land belongs to private owners. To excavate on its territory allowed only some of them.

The construction of Hadrian's Villa began in 118 AD and spread over several years. After the completion of the residence of the Emperor in Tivoli it represented an architectural complex of 30 buildings, which covered the territory of more than kilometer. Built originally as a temporary residence, later Villa became a place of permanent residence of the Emperor.

The exhibition "Hadrian's Villa: The Eternal Story" will be held at the territory of architectural complex until November 1, 2010

Date: 05/04/2010

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