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In Italy will be showed the Turin Shroud

In Italy will be showed the Turin Shroud
In Italy will be showed the Turin Shroud

One of the main artifacts of modern Christian world - the Shroud of Turin - will be shown to pilgrims in Turin from 10 April to 23 May 2010. For public the display will be the first one in a long time opportunity to see the Shroud. Last time the Christian relic was exhibited in 2000. In 2002, the Shroud was started to be restored. For the last hundred years, the Shroud was exhibited on public only five times.

The Shroud of Turin is a long cloth, in which, according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Christ after his crucifixion. The Shroud of Turin is called according to the place of its permanent storage. The Shroud is permanently located in Turin, in the Cathedral of St. James. In this cathedral will be held the current demonstration of the relic.

The Catholic Church does not officially recognize the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. At the same time, for many ordinary believers the Shroud is one of the main religious relics. The last time to the demonstration of the artifact in order to see the shroud in Italy came about one million pilgrims.

In 2010 the authorities of Turin expect over 2 million people who will arrive to the city to see the Shroud. To date, about one million tickets are reserved for those wishing to witness the shrine. Visitors will have three minutes to stay close to the shroud.

Until now the authenticity of the Shroud remains is in doubt. The Church says that it is hard to identify whether it is the real canvas, in which was wrapped the body of Christ, and only scientists and historians can say it. As a result of a number of experiments there are several versions. The prevailing version is that the Shroud in fact was made no earlier than the 12th century AD. At the same time, some scientists believe that the age of the Shroud is much higher and that the special oil composition contributed to its preservation. Some experiments, in particular carbon-hydrogen analysis, could not give the exact date of the appearance of the Shroud, outlining a prospective age - 1300-3000 years.

Date: 08/04/2010

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