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Bialetti closes production in Italy

Bialetti closes production in Italy
Moka, a symbol of Italy and the main product of the Bialetti plant, will now be produced in Eastern Europe

The Bialetti company, which is known as the original designer and manufacturer of the currently known worldwide Moka Express coffee or just Moka, announced the closure of its production in Italy. Due to financial problems the company is forced to move to one of the countries in Eastern Europe.

The intention to close a plant in Italy Guide Bialetti announced on Wednesday April 7, 2010. Currently it is only intention. The exact date of the removal is not reported by Bialetti.

The Bialetti parent company for the production of coffee machines is located in Omegna near Milan. As in the case of the date, Bialetti also does not disclose the exact region of the future residence of the enterprise. It is worth noting that in 2009 Bialetti had to the close Triveni Bialetti subsidiary company in India.

According to company representatives, they had no choice. Closure of Bialetti production was due to a sharp decline in demand in the coffee market, which it has been suffering during the last two years. At the same time, unions are not satisfied with this option. Currently the plant employs about 120 people who are at risk of dismissal. Employees of Bialetti have already appealed to the Government of Italy and the Piedmont Authority for assistance.

Bialetti is one of the most famous producers of coffee in Italy. The plant in the province of Piedmont produces coffee since 1919. The Moka Express coffee machine model, which has brought fame to its manufacturers, was invented in 1933. In 2009 the turnover amounted to 194 million euros. To date, the Moka Express is one of the symbols of Italy. Since 1950, this coffee was present at almost every Italian kitchen. Many Italians consider it as the main national souvenir.

Date: 11/04/2010

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