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Inter vs. Barcelona: April 20 in Milan

Inter vs. Barcelona: April 20 in Milan
Inter vs. Barcelona: April 20 in Milan
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On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in Milan will be held the match that promises to become one of the highlights of the current football season. At 20.45 on local time on the field of the Milan San Siro Stadium will play Inter and last year's Champions League Cup winner Spanish Barcelona.

It is a semi-final that is worth of a super-final. Holiday for all football fans. Battle of two European grandees. Titles, which today can be heard on the eve of the forthcoming Milan match, make it clear that the Inter-Barcelona game will in any case be a remarkable event.

To date, a favorite of the couple is considered to be Barcelona, which shows incredible teamwork, which is confirmed by the recent victory over their bitter rival for the championship of Spain Real Madrid.

At the same time, Inter, which is one of the "gods" of Italian football Olympus, does not intend to lose Barcelona in the class or in the mood. The current Inter’s coach Portuguese José Mourinho is able to dispose the team to victory. In an interview that Mourinho has given to the Italian press the famous coach said about the backbone of "Inter" as a close-knit team, which is able to solve any problem. In Italy people are ready to believe Mourinho, who has been twice awarded the title "Best Coach of the world".

For Inter the Champions League semi-final is the first in 7 years. Of course, the club will try to use the chance by all possible means.

Intrigue of the match will be increased by the fact that for four years Mourinho has worked as an assistant coach in Barcelona. Therefore the victory of Inter over the Barcelona will become an occasion for the ambitious Portuguese to remind Barcelona of reckless denial of its directors from services of Mourinho in 2000.

The second semi-final pair of the current season of the Champions League will become Germany's duo of Bayern-Lyon.

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Date: 15/04/2010


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