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A bomb was found at the villa of George Clooney in Italy

A bomb was found at the villa of George Clooney in Italy
A bomb was found at the villa of George Clooney in Italy

George Clooney's villa on Lake Como was in the vicinity of the unsafe treasure. Arsenal of World War II was found by Italian fishermen near the backyard of the villa of Hollywood actor in the town of Lalliot. A total weight of the ammunition found was over 100 kilograms. The distance from the place of burial to the villa of Clooney did not exceed 15 meters, according to the publication of

After the find discovered the local police, it was cordoned by the police. During the operation the villagers of Lalliot were warned not to leave their homes, because due to the long term of storage of the explosives it could have become unstable and explode at any time. The explosives, mines, grenades - these are the items that Italian carabinieri have found. The whole arsenal the police transported to the cave where the shells were destroyed.

As for Cluny, the dangerous arsenal could hardly hurt him personally as an actor during the operation was on Hawaii during the filming of his next movie. When Clooney learned about the discovery, he declared that "this is not the first bomb in his life."

It should be noted that Clooney's villa is in the center of crime reports for the second time this month. In early April, near the residence of the actor was found dead woman.

Villa Oleander, an old estate right on the shore of Lake Como, Clooney acquired in 2002. In total, Villa has 30 bedrooms. The cost of vills is estimated at 6.5 million dollars.

Lake Como is known far outside Italy as a place where prefer to purchase property for recreation many famous people of modern show business. Thus, one of the neighbors of Clooney is the head of fashion house Versace Donatella Versace.

Date: 03/05/2010

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