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In Venice takes place the race on the Grand Canal

In Venice takes place the race on the Grand Canal
In Venice takes place the race on the Grand Canal

On May 23, 2010 in Venice starts Vogalonga - the largest boat race of the city. This event has the status of one of the major holidays in Venice in the end of spring. The Venetians look forward for Vogalonga as well as numerous tourists in large numbers arriving in Venice. By the way, tourists can rent online apartments in Venice during the time of the race on the portal

The history of the boat racing began on 11 November 1974, when a small group of fans held the first rowing regatta around the island of Burano. The event received much publicity in the press and caused a big stir in many other rowing clubs in Venice, as well as among the residents themselves, for whom a boat is an essential symbol of the "city on the water." It was then decided to organize the next year a race, which will be opened to all interested with all kinds of boats.

Since then has passed more than thirty years, but Vogalonga’s popularity has only grown, as the Venetians say "Vogalonga is an act of love for Venice and its canals, lagoons and islands". But the rules are the same as in the first regatta. The competitions are open to all interested from the age of 16 on any boat, moving with the help of the muscular power. The route with the length of 30 km passes through the channels and the most picturesque places of the Venice lagoon. On the day of the race all the boats are going to the Doge's Palace and after the singing of the hymn of Venice go to the start. After completing the race all participants make a circle and once again gather at the starting point. And although the fee for each boat is 18 euro winners do not receive any monetary rewards (all the money are devoted to organizing of the festival and safety of participants) as everyone at Vogalonga is a winner and at the finish and all participants are awarded by commemorative medals and certificates with souvenirs.

Vogalonga has a great success - in 2009 the race was attended by 50 rowing clubs of Venice, rowing clubs of Italy and other European countries, about 6400 people and 1790 boats.

Date: 20/05/2010

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