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Festivals of Italy: Saracen Tournament in Arezzo

Festivals of Italy: Saracen Tournament in Arezzo
Festivals of Italy: Saracen Tournament in Arezzo

On June 19, 2010 in the ancient town of Arezzo in Italy, in the north of Tuscany, will be held one of the biggest medieval stage festivals in the country - Saracen Tournament.

Saracen Tournament is a bright action that completely reconstructs the atmosphere of jousting in medieval Europe. The knights in heavy armor, arena, spears and cuirass - all this can be seen in Arezzo on the coming Saturday.

The main part of the tournament is jousting, where knights try to hit a steel shield as accurate as possible. Shield, in turn, is attached to the scarecrow-doll, which is called "Saracen".

It is also worth noting that the central venue for the Saracen Tournament is the main attraction and historical center of Arezzo - Piazza Grande or Main Square. Piazza Grande is famous thanks to the numerous monuments of the Middle Ages, thanks to which the appearance of the area remained unchanged for several centuries. Among these monuments is the main attraction of Arezzo, including the Palazzo Cofani-Bizzolari, Bishop's Palace and the buildings, which developed famous architect and artist Georgio Vassari.

One way or another, Saracen Tournament is not limited by the Piazza Grande. This event is celebrated in the entire city. Performances of medieval music are held all over Arezzo, in the narrow streets is organized a brisk trade of the famous Italian cooking, and tourists can take pictures together with the armed to the teeth, but kind soldiers.

Saracen tournament in Arezzo stands in line with other, no less important, medieval celebrations in Italy. These include the famous Palio horse competitions in Siena, which are held twice a year. Next Palio is to be held on July 2, 2010. By the way, the Saracen Tournament is also held in Arezzo twice a year. The second time it is possible to visit it in September. Anyway, for those who plan to visit the picturesque festival in Italy this summer may come in handy service of portal The portal offers to the tourists: Hotels in Arezzo, villa rentals, apartments and houses in Arezzo and in other parts of Italy.

Date: 18/06/2010

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