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In Italy will be held Flower Battle

In Italy will be held Flower Battle
Festivals of Italy 2010: Flower Battle in Ventimiglia. Photo:

Sea holidays in Italy today are not only beaches and nature, but also dozens of exciting events. One of them will be held on June 19, 2010. It will be the Battle of Flowers, or as it is called in Italy Battaglia dei Fiori. Battle of Flowers is an annual festival, which takes place in famous Flower Riviera, close to San Remo, in the town of Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is a resort in Italy, which is a bright pearl in the constellation of seaside towns that form the current region of the Italian Riviera, most of which is located on the coast of the Liguria region.

Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia is a flower show, carnival and parade. Decorated with flowers Baroque figures pass through the center of Ventimiglia on special platforms. Thousands of flowers are scattered all over the city on that day. While scattering flowers over the pavements and pedestrians, residents of Ventimiglia celebrate full onset of the summer season. The opportunity to see this splendid act provides services of portal, which allows you to book hotels in Italy and hotels in Ventimiglia online. Also on is located a large selection of villas in Liguria for holiday in Italy near the sea. Apartments for rent in Ventimiglia are also available online.

Many celebrities, who preferred to vacation in Italy and on French Riviera, regularly visited this bright festival. Today, the festival organizers like to quote the words of the once famous Hollywood actor Carrie Grant, who called the Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia "the greatest show in the world." Despite the fact that the phrase sounded back in 1954, for many tourists it is still relevant.

It is worth noting that Ventimiglia is considered one of the centers of that part of the Riviera in Italy, which is called Flower. At the resort of Ventimiglia is located one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe - Villa Hanbury. Here on 18 acres grows about 2000 species of flowers. In addition, Villa Hanbury is known also due to the picturesque view on the coast of Liguria.

The current Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia starts on June 19 at 21.30. Those who will get to Ventimiglia earlier will be able to visit the famous Friday market of Ventimiglia, which is especially popular with tourists from France, who know a lot about good food.

Date: 18/06/2010

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