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Moscow-Rimini: the new regular flight from S7

Moscow-Rimini: the new regular flight from S7
Moscow-Rimini: the new regular flight from S7

Russian airline company S7 Airlines on 19 June 2010 launched the first regular flight, which will link the capital of Russia and the popular resort of Rimini, located on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Flight Moscow-Rimini will depart every week from Domodedovo airport on Saturday. Departure from Moscow at 11.20. Arrival in Rimini at 12.50 local time. The cost of the ticket "back and forth" with all the charges will cost about 14300 rubles.

To service the flight Moscow-Rimini airline S7 Airlines will use the airliner Airbus A-319 designed for 128 passengers.

To date, Rimini is one of the most popular resorts in Italy among the Russians. Besides the new flight from S7 Airlines, air travel to the popular spa resort in Italy has also developed STC "Russia". Regular flights of "Russia" on the route Saint-Petersburg-Rimini were launched on June 5, 2010. Departure of the flights is from Pulkovo airport on Saturdays on the airliner Airbus A-319.

It should be noted that with the onset of the summer season the popularity of holidays in Italy has increased. The first regular flight of S7 Airlines to the famous resort of Italy was not the only way to get to Rimini from Moscow. So, today from Domodedovo depart several charters that serve the airline Ural Airlines and VIM-Avia. Charter flights to Rimini from Domodedovo from Ural Airlines depart on Wednesdays (10.35), Saturdays (9.50) and Sundays (10.30). Charter flights Moscow-Rimini from VIM-Avia depart every Wednesday at 6.00.

As for S7 Airlines, the airline against the background of a significant reduction in profits last year (more than 13%) this season tries to strengthen its position in the market of holiday air travels. In addition to Rimini summer was for S7 Airlines the time for starting regular flights to such European resorts as Alicante and Palma de Mallorca.

In turn, the portal is pleased to offer for guests of the resort hotels in Rimini for online booking, as well as villa rentals in Rimini, apartments, flats and houses on the coast.

Date: 21/06/2010

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