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Castle in Calabria for Mel Gibson

Castle in Calabria for Mel Gibson
Castle in Calabria for Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson focused on Calabria. The famous Hollywood actor and director of such films like "The Passion of the Christ" and "Braveheart", in an interview with the Italian press reported that he was enchanted by the landscapes of Calabria and he is ready to buy a mansion on the coast of Italy in one of the resorts on the Ionian Sea. The reaction of the Italians came soon.

The mayor of a small Italian town of San Lorenzo del Vallo Luciano Marrangelo after Gibson's interview hastened to draw the attention of a celebrity to his region. He offered Gibson to become the owner of the old medieval castle in the vicinity of San Lorenzo del Vallo. The age of the castle is about 600 years.

History of the Castle in San Lorenzo is additional attractive side, which, in theory, should spur Gibson's interest. According to the mayor, the castle, built in 16 century, has exquisite architecture in the Spanish style. The presence of the Spanish motives is because it was built for the marriage of a Spanish nobleman Mendoza and a representative of the local nobility Lucrecia della Valle.

Gibson's interest in Italy had emerged during the filming of "Passion of the Christ" in a small town in the region of Basilicata. Since then a movie star has been "sick" with Italy. Castle in Calabria can suit Gibson also because apart from the buildings here is sold the surrounding area. The total area of 13,000 square meters promises to Gibson privacy and no crowds of admirers. It is still unknown, whether Gibson approved the offer of the mayor of San Lorenzo. However, now we can say that the resonance in the world press caused by a proposal from Calabria will certainly benefit the region and serve as additional advertising of holidays in Italy.

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Date: 26/06/2010

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