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Italy is looking for money for the restoration of the Coliseum

Italy is looking for money for the restoration of the Coliseum
Coliseum in Rome: Italy seeks money for restoration

The main attraction of Italy - Coliseum in Rome – is now looking for investors. To allow the symbol of Italy to exist it needs restoration. The government is ready to begin work on the restoration of ancient Roman artifact. However, the mere efforts of the state may not be enough. So on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 in Italy there was decided to turn to private investors to raise funds to rescue the crumbling of the monument. To date, for the restoration of the Coliseum is necessary to collect in total about 25 million euros.

For Italy, the use of private funds in the restoration of monuments of world significance is not uncommon. For example, in 1994 with the help of private funds in Rome was completed reconstruction of the famous Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

As one of the possible benefits for investors, the Ministry of Culture of Italy offers advertising on the walls and in the renovated Coliseum. New advertising space promises to be provided after the reconstruction. At the same time advertising would require "stylistic unity" with the image of the Coliseum.

Ministry of Culture of Italy reported that it is prepared to accept funds from philanthropists, from 4 August to 15 September 2010, reports Associated Press.

In the search for funds from January 1, 2011 the authorities in Rome are also planning to introduce a special low tax to be charged in hotels of Rome, several museums, as well as popular among tourists sightseeing bus routes and the river boats that offer tours along the Tiber River.

According to the Italian Ministry of Culture, work on the restoration of the Coliseum is planned to start in October 2010. According to preliminary plans, reconstruction of Roman sights will last two years. Currently, the Coliseum is opened for tourists. In mid-July there was an exhibition of ancient artifacts, the illegal export of which outside of Europe prevented Italian police.

The Roman amphitheater is seriously affected by precipitation, as well as the harmful effects of automobile exhaust. Piazza del Colosseo on which stands the Coliseum, is considered to be one of the busiest areas in Rome. Every hour near the monument are passing thousands of cars.

As part of the reconstruction it is planned to restore and rebuild the facade of the Coliseum, make modern electric lighting arena, as well as build a new tourist destination for tourists.

Date: 02/08/2010

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