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Italian authorities are struggling with "black dentists"

Italian authorities are struggling with "black dentists"
Italian authorities are struggling with "black dentists"

It's no secret that dentistry in Italy is a profitable business and one of the most profitable health industries. It is profitable enough that many doctors decide to shade in order to retain parts of their income. The representative of the Italian Association of Dentists Brunello Poliforne in an interview with the Italian press voiced the figure of about several thousand illegally practicing dentists. Thus, about 1000 doctors were arrested for illegal practice in 2009.

According to the representative of the Association, this figure by the end of 2010 is to be corrected. According to the Dental Association, the number of fined illegal dentists can increase before the end of 2010 to 1200.

The main problem the representatives of the Association of Dentists see not so much in the absence of a license, but in low-skilled dentists. According to the head of the Association Giuseppe Renzo, to date 15000 from 71 000 Italian dentists do not have sufficient training.

Informal medicine practicing in Italy is a very common phenomenon. Each year, the police conduct raids to eliminate the "underground" surgeries. Moreover, dentists are not the only doctors, whose services were in demand on the black market. Dental prosthetic is also known for its high "shadow" component. Italian carabineers close on average one illegal orthopedic office in three days.

Among the penalties that might threaten "black dentists" in Italy are mostly fines, which amount to 500 euros. For the majority of dentists this payment is negligible and they continue to provide services after paying a fine. However, the Italian police, given the extent of the underground dentals plan to resort to harsher measures. Thus, for doctors who work without a state license, in the fact of proving of the illegal provision of services is planned to introduce additional responsibilities, including the confiscation of medical equipment.

Date: 23/09/2010

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