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In the Rome Coliseum are opened gladiator pits

In the Rome Coliseum are opened gladiator pits
The Rome Coliseum, photo Alesya Belaya

The famous Rome Coliseum opens its dungeons for the tourists. Guests of one of the main attractions of Italy will now are able to explore not only the surface of the arena, but also step down into the cellars of the Coliseum and see the pits where awaited their release gladiators and wild beasts.

Coliseum promises to please its visitors not only with the dark dungeons. As reported by the portal tourists can climb to the third floor of the amphitheater, which has been closed since 1970-s. According to the administration of the Coliseum, there is one of the best views of the Eternal City.

Opening of the new routes across the Coliseum can stimulate tourist interest and increase the number of visitors of the famous Roman artifact. In this case, the Coliseum now can not complain about a lack of interest from tourists. Now it is visited daily by about 19.000 people.

At the same a special regime is established for visiting bloody dungeons of the Coliseum. Thus, the opportunity to visit it has a group of no less than 25 people who have to submit a preliminary record for this type of excursion.

Hypogeum - this is the name of the Roman catacombs under the Coliseum, on the restoration of it were spent several million euros. Today, additional eerie effect is made by custom-designed lighting system.

The exposition is aimed at recreating the atmosphere of suspense and giving visitors an idea of what the gladiators saw getting out for possibly last fight of their life through a series of opening doors.

Roman authorities are hoping that the reopening of the secrets of the Coliseum will stimulate the demand for tickets with a tour of other exposures of the Forum. For example, most recently at the Roman Forum were open to the public two new monuments of Ancient Rome: The Temple of Venus and the House of Vestals.

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Date: 05/11/2010

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