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Christmas tree was delivered in the Vatican

Christmas tree was delivered in the Vatican
Rome, Italy - the city is preparing for Christmas

In Vatican, on St. Marco Square, on December 10 has been installed the main Christmas tree in Italy. Christmas beauty was brought to Rome from the province of Trentino. Its height is almost 40 meters, the age of fir is 94 years.

Each year, one of the European countries presents a gift in the form of Christmas tree to Vatican. For the country it is a great honor to install the fir in the heart of Vatican. According to, this time with such an honor was awarded Liuson, a small town in Italy, where a holiday tree was cut down.

This year the Christmas tree in Vatican will be decorated with 3000 New Year silver and gold balls, garlands of 1500 bulbs and, of course, the Christmas star at the very top. The solemn switching on the lights at the first fir of Vatican is planned on December 17, 2010 at 16.30 according to the Roman time. The solemn ceremony will be followed by performances of folk ensembles from the region of Trentino.

This year, the region of Trentino gave Vatican in total 50 firs, most of which will be used to decorate the inner chambers.
Trentino-Alto Adige region is known as an area where located many well-known ski resorts in Italy. In particular, here is located one of the largest ski regions in the world - the Dolomites Superski.

Christmas tradition to give the fir to Vatican appeared in 1982. It is believed that this idea belongs to Pope John Paul II. Among the countries that at various times presented the Christmas "forest beauty" are Romania, Austria and the Czech Republic.

According to another ancient tradition, under the Christmas fir on St. Marco Square will be recreated the scene of the Nativity, with the figures of the Magi, the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.

Date: 11/12/2010

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