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Coliseum in Italy will be restored

Coliseum in Italy will be restored
Coliseum in Rome. Holidays in Italy without visiting its many attractions would be incomplete.

Italy finally found someone who will take up a multimillion-dollar project to reconstruct the main attraction of Rome - the Coliseum. Diego Della Vella, the owner of one of the largest Italian footwear companies, announced his intention to sponsor a project to reconstruct and upgrade the Coliseum.

The owner of the famous Tod's brand said that his participation in reconstruction will not be used for rough shoe brand advertising. Della Vella spoke out strongly against posters of his shoes at one of the main attractions of Rome.

At the same time, under the sponsorship agreement, the shoe magnate can officially use the image of the Coliseum on the packaging of his products.

Agreement on the reconstruction of the Coliseum was signed on January 21, 2011 between Diego Della Vella, the mayor of Rome, the Deputy Minister of Culture of Italy and government representatives of the archaeological region of Rome.

As expected, restoration of the Coliseum will take 2-2.5 years. The total project cost is estimated at 25 million euros. For the time of reconstruction the Coliseum will not be closed. It will be opened for tourists, but only partially.

Reconstruction of the Coliseum remained one of the central themes in the cultural life of Italy in 2010. Constantly worsening condition of the monument required restoration. For example, in May 2010 collapsed part of the Coliseum wall. In August the government announced the intention to find a sponsor for the restoration of the famous sight. For a long time the project could not find financing. In particular, unsuccessful were the attempts of several Italian businessmen to provide financial support for reconstruction.

Anyway, today the project found the financing. It is expected that after completion of the reconstruction in Coliseum will be installed new fire alarm and metal detectors.

Date: 29/01/2011

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