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In Milan will be held the largest tourist exhibition in Italy

In Milan will be held the largest tourist exhibition in Italy
In Milan will be held the largest tourist exhibition in Italy

From 17 to 20 February 2011 in Milan will be held Borsa Internazionale del Turismo "BIT" - the largest tourism fair in Italy. It will feature the best offers from the leading travel companies from around the world. For 31 years, while runs Milan "BIT", the exhibition has earned great prestige and popularity both among tourists and tourist agencies. To date, Borsa Internazionale del Turismo, it's more than 6500 participants from 130 countries and regions of the world, about a quarter of a million visitors and 3,000 journalists.

Traditionally the program of the Milanese exhibition includes press conferences, presentations, workshops and seminars on the most topical issues of tourism business. Such as: booking tickets and hotels, rental of cars, yachts, equipment, as well as hunting, fishing and special interest tours.

In addition, for the first time in the scope of the tourist fair BIT-2011 in Milan will held an international festival of cultures Fuori BIT, organized by the municipality and University of Milan. At 23 venues in Milan during 4 days will be held performances of musical, theater and dance groups, as well as art and photo exhibitions. Also will be held presentations of new cloth collections from leading European designers. The official motto of the festival is the phrase: "Milan in the whole world, and the whole world in Milan". The festival program is a vivid confirmation of that. So from 17 to 20 February in downtown of Milan, thanks to the huge light projections will be created the illusion of African safari with elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions and leopards. And on the 17th of February through the main streets of the city will pass a great platform on which will perform a brass band from the Serbian town of Guca, known for its annual Festival of trumpeters. On the territory of the public park Rotondo della Beza Swedish artists will create a magic Sleipnir forest - a unique installation, based on Nordic legends. In addition, during the Fuori BIT will be held the tasting of Italian and German domestic beer. And on the last 2 days of the festival will take place restaurant tour with chefs from Scotland, Greece, Thailand, France, Japan and Morocco, which will be completed with a major wine tasting on the Cascina Cuccagna farm.

Date: 15/02/2011

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