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Shrovetide is celebrated in Italy

Shrovetide is celebrated in Italy
Shrovetide is celebrated in Italy

This year in Italy is held the Year of Russia. One of the central events is celebration of Shrovetide in Rome. Coliseum and Forum area will be filled with the smell of pancakes, funny clowns, folk ensembles and numerous Shrovetide attractions.

Shrovetide will be an extension of the Carnival in Rome, which is also timed to the winter seeing off and the last regular week before the Lent. The Carnival in Rome is already in full swing. It began on February 26. Shrovetide will follow it.

Shrovetide festivities will start in Rome on March 3, 2011. And at the opening of the Carnival in Rome it has already been sampled. On one of the main squares of Rome - Piazza del Popolo – was held a masquerade procession involving punches, skomorokhs and the Cossack ensemble. Thus, for the first time the in the world two holidays of the two countries merged into one big festival, which can be called “Carnishrove”.

One of the main cultural events of Shrovetide in Rome will be the exhibition at the National Museum of Folk Art. The exhibition, which was called the "Russian Winter", tells the Romans about customs of Shrovetide celebrations in the court of the Russian emperor and ordinary Russian villages. Exhibits for the exhibition were provided by the State Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Ethnography and Russian folk art, Tsarskoe Selo museum and the National Park of Peterhof.

GTK Russia airline announced special offers during the celebration of Shrovetide in Italy. The company offers return tickets Moscow-Rome-Moscow at a price of $165. It is worth noting that to date such prices can’t be found on the website of the company. Now tickets to Italy for Shrovetide in Rome cost 13000-22000 Russian rubles.

It is worth noting that this year Shrovetide has declared itself an international holiday. In addition to Rome Shrovetide is celebrated in London on the Trafalgar Square, where will also be held mass celebrations and will perform Russian musicians.

Date: 04/03/2011

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