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Tourists think Venice is "stinky"

Tourists think Venice is "stinky"
Venice, Rialto bridge

Venice, the jewel of Italy and world travel cult, is among the most stinky tourist centers. British airline reservation portal conducted a survey among its users in order to identify directions, which atmosphere is full not only of antiques and exotic flavors, but also quite usual and not always pleasant smells."The stinkiest tourist centers of the world" - hardly any city will be glad to be in the leader of this ranking.

Venice has earned the title of one of the most smelly tourist hubs due to its far from ideal sewer system. Summer in Venice means not only palazzo and gondolas, but also sewage being dumped from hundreds of Venetian villas right in the famous Venetian canals. With intense heat even the most skilful gondoliers are not be able to defeat smell, which can completely discourage all the romantic desires.

Little consolation for Venice can serve the fact that the legendary city is not the only place in the list. The famous Mexican resort of Cancun, known for its beaches and luxury hotels, won the first place in the ranking thanks largely to its hotels. The fact is that many hotels in Cancun did not bother to clean water waste and periodically merge them into coastal waters.

France, which cuisine is appreciated throughout the world, also got into the list. In many ways because of its notorious kitchen. Cote D'Or, the resort region in eastern France, was awarded with the fourth place of the rating due to its special cheese Epoisses de Bourgogne. Its stench is so strong that the cheese is prohibited for carriage in public transport.

In addition to well-known cities in the list of were also included quite unknown names. So, Rotorua city is famous for its pungent sulfur sources, which evaporation reminds of the proximity of the seventh circle of hell. And rural pastorals of the village of St. Helen Auckland in the east of Great Britain will be remembered not so much because of its serene beauty, but smells of rotten onions, which come from the local enterprise.

Date: 11/03/2011

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