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Chianti festival in Italy

Chianti festival in Italy
Chianti festival in Italy

Chianti is, perhaps, the most famous Italian wine. Visiting card of Tuscany, Chianti, is known worldwide and it is be easily recognized by squat paunchy bast-braided bottle, called fiasco. This wine is the pride of all Chianti region residents. And it is not surprising that every year in Chianti is held a festival dedicated to this superb wine.

And although Chianti festival is held in spring in almost all localities in the region, the most colorful and entertaining celebration take place from 15 to 18 April in the small town of Cerreto Guidi. During these three days the city's population will increase by more than five times thanks to the tourists and lovers of the noble drink, who come to Cerreto Guidi specifically to participate in the celebration. Throughout the city will be organized tasting and exhibition halls, where you will not only enjoy a wide selection of Chianti, but also learn the history of winemaking in this region.

For the time of the festival all local wine shops will offer their customers discounts and, when purchasing a special Chianti Card, festival guests will receive additional discounts not only in stores, but also in many restaurants. In addition, especially for the newcomers will be organized excursions to the neighboring towns and tourists will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature and famous ancient architectural monuments. In Cerreto Guidi is located one of the oldest villas (1565) owned by the Medici family, where was killed by her husband Isabella de Medici for suspicion of infidelity. In addition to recreational activities during the festival in Cerreto Guidi will be organized a grand fair auction, where will be presented the best varieties of Chianti.

The emblem of "Lega del Chianti" is a black cock. It became the emblem in the XVII century. And until 2005 this logo was legally used only by association members, who shared the advertising costs. And since 2005 the black cock became the emblem of all the wines produced in the Chianti province.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 30/03/2011

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