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Piedmont: festivals 2011

Piedmont: festivals 2011
Italy: street cafes are waiting for visitors

Piedmont is a region, where Turin is located, and which is known as cultural, culinary, historical and tourist center of Italy. Holidays in Piedmont are also remembered because there is held a lot of different festivals, which attract thousands of spectators. Key events in Piedmont are musical and historical festivals.

Turin - events in this city can be discussed for ages. Therefore, we will discuss only those events that will take place in small towns throughout the Piedmont.

The city of Alba in Italy and outside it is known for the famous truffle fair, which is held here in September and October. At the same time holidays in Alba is not limited only main delicacy of Piedmont. So, in late May 2011 in Alba will be held several music festivals, where participants perform in theaters and on city streets. In July Alba and other cities in the Lange region will host another music festival - Suoni dalle Colline.

In this case, Piedmont and the Lange appreciate local wines, which are known throughout Europe. Their "side" effect can be seen in full at an unusual holiday «Corsa della Botti», which takes place in the town of Nice Monferato in July. Corsa della Botti is an unusual race, in which its participants - representatives from different wineries - are pushing wine tuns through the city. It is worth noting that here is popular not only running people, but also what happens after. And after wineries roll out onto the streets of the city Nice Monferrato full tuns with their wine and offer it at modest prices to verify its quality.

History of Italy comes to life in the town of Canelli, where in June is held a medieval festival "Capture of Canelli", where participate knight clubs from Europe.

The city of Asti, known for its sparkling wines, in September hosts spectacular races, where riders gallop on horseback without saddles, similar to annual races in Siena. These races are called Palio.

And finally, winter in Piedmont. It is believed that winter is suitable mainly for ski holidays in Italy. However, the city of Ivrea (40 minutes north of Turin) allows you to relax all those, who love not only throwing snowballs, but something more heavy. Indeed, in February in Ivrea is held carnival that is accompanied by the Battle of Oranges. Its members generously flung at each other with oranges in honor of the rebellion against the authority of the Emperor Barbarossa, which occurred in this city in 12th century.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 12/04/2011

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