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Florence: new opening of the Basilica of Santa Croce

Florence: new opening of the Basilica of Santa Croce
Florence: new opening of the Basilica of Santa Croce

After five years of restoration in Florence was opened one of the major sights - the Basilica of Santa Croce.

Basilica of Santa Croce is located in the heart of Florence, on the Piazza Santa Croce. This Gothic cathedral is known not only for its slim and elegant architectural lines. In the Basilica are the graves of several Italian geniuses: Michelangelo, Rossini and Galileo.

Opening of the Basilica the Florentines with their usual taste turned into an unusual event. Everyone, who visits the famous temple during the first days of its opening, will be able to experience the magic of restorative art. Scaffolds and materials used during the restoration will be left for some time in the Basilica. Brushes, palette, and color line will add to the emotions of exploring the amazing beauty of the Basilica the effect of participation in the great work. According to the restorers, this approach will allow visitors to plunge into the wonderful world of medieval art and provide with the opportunity to imagine the scope of the work done, which allowed the Basilica’s frescoes come to life again, reports

As a result of restoration works in the Basilica of Santa Croce were restored in total 850 square meters of frescoes. Among the unique works, which visitors will be able to see in the basilica are the frescoes by Agnolo Gaddi, an artist, who is considered to be the last follower of the great Giotto. The age of these frescoes is more than 600 years. In order to get acquainted with them, visitors will have to climb to the scaffolds. And this tour will be offered only to special visitors.

The Basilica of Santa Croce is the world's largest Franciscan church. It has 16 chapels and was built in 1294 by means of the noble Florentine architect Arnolfo di Cambio.

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Ilya Kalachev

Date: 17/04/2011

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