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Naples: Italian cuisine at Sapori & Saperi exhibition

Naples: Italian cuisine at Sapori & Saperi exhibition
Italian cuisine at Sapori & Saperi exhibition in Pompeii. Photo:
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In Naples from 14 to 17 April 2011 will be held one of many gastronomic exhibitions in Italy - Sapori & Saperi, where will be presented traditional products of the Campania region, as well as unique recipes of this Italian region.

Holidays in Italy is traditionally connected with gastronomic delights. Sapori & Saperi exhibition allows getting acquainted with the variety of Campania cuisine in one place - Pompei Expo center (Via Andolfi 76).

In the area of 2.500 square meters its culinary art will present over 100 participants. In this case, Sapori & Saperi as a gourmet feast in Naples is not limited only by the cuisine. As part of Sapori & Saperi will be held performances of folk music groups from Campania, contests of poetry and dances. In fact, Sapori & Saperi is one big party that collects under the arches of the exhibition center in Naples residents and visitors of the Campania region.

Sapori & Saperi became one of the most successful gastronomic events in the south of Italy. In 2011 it will be held for the 4th time. During the three previous years the exhibition was visited in total by 120,000 people.

The Mediterranean diet, which this year was recognized by UNESCO as a monument of the intangible heritage of humanity, is fully reflected in Sapori & Saperi. There will be presented practically all traditional products, which are can be often met in Italian cuisine. Olive oil, wine, sweets, fish products, meat delicacies - all these gastronomic delights could be tasted at the exhibition.

Sapori & Saperi is translated from Italian as "Taste and Knowledge". Participants of the exhibition will be offered not only to taste great cuisine. They will also be told about the cooking process, secrets of the receipts and get acquainted with mysteries of the famous Campania cuisine.

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Ilya Kalachev

Date: 17/04/2011


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