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Palio Ferrara 2011

Palio Ferrara 2011
Palio Ferrara 2011

Palio Ferrara is a grand medieval festival, which combines costumed processions and horse racing along the city, will be held in Ferrara on May 29, 2011.

At present the most famous festival of its kind in Italy is Palio Siena, which takes place in Siena twice a year and attracts about 300 000 spectators. Palio Ferrara, perhaps, is not so mass as races in Siena, but it is more authoritative. Today it is the oldest event of its kind in the world, which is held in the city since 1279.

Palio is held in honor of the event, which took place in the 13th century, when the ruler of Ferrara, the Marquis Azzo VII Novello d'Este defeated the emperor Esselino da Romano.

At various times in Palio Ferrara could took part not only horse riders. There were also held donkey racings. The name of the race derives from the main prize - Palio (cloak), which was given to the winner.

This season Palio Ferrara promises to be as lush and bright as all festivals held before. Teams of horse riders in bright medieval costumes under their flags will march through the streets of this ancient Italian city.

Horse racing will take place on Piazza Ariostea. Parade of competitors in the 15th century costumes will be held on the eve of the race, on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

Palio Ferrara will be held in 4 stages, each of which will be dedicated to the particular saint: Corsa dei Putti in honor of St. Romano; Corsa delle Putte in honor of St. Paul; Corsa delle Asine in honor of St. Maurelius. The most prestigious horse racing event is held in the end and it is Corsa dei Cavalli in honor of St. George.

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Ilya Kalachev

Date: 29/05/2011

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