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Pink nights in Rimini 2011

Pink night in Rimini

Rimini will again become pink. At the famous resort of Italy on July 1, 2011 will start the traditional Rimini Pink Night.

As in previous years, in the Rimini Rose Night will take part all resorts of the Riviera Rimini region: from Cattolica to Comacchio.

The main goal of the Rimini Pink Night organizers is turning the famous resort of the Italian Adriatic coast into a summer center of nightlife and fun in Europe.

Concerts, shows, performances, street performances, exhibitions, fireworks and shows - all these events will take place during the Rimini Pink Night 2011.

This year in the Rimini Pink Night take part 12 towns and one city-state - San Marino. Other participating resorts are:

Gatteo Mare
San Mauro Mare
Bellaria Igal Marina
Misano Adriatico

The total length of beaches that will take part in Rimini Pink Night 2011 is more than 100 kilometers. Buildings, embankments, newspaper kiosks, fountains, hotels in Rimini and, of course, dance floors of numerous discos will become pink. In total 1,500 resort’s lights will shine by light pink. On the beaches of Riccione 10,000 mattresses will receive pink blankets. At Bellaria Igea Marina resort the moor will be decorated by 10,000 pink roses.

In the menu of the restaurants and cafes in Rimini can be found pink drinks, pink desserts and even pink milk.

Rimini Pink Night 2011 means 24 hours of feast and non-stop fun, which will finish by a huge fireworks display along the entire festival coast. This year in Rimini is expected to be beaten 2010 attendance record attendance, when at the resorts of the Riviera for Pink Night arrived 2 million people.

The main sponsor of this year's festival will traditionally become Martini Rosso. One of the organizers of the festival is Federico Fellini fund.

Ilya Kalachev


Date: 14/06/2011

Comments (1)

gerry floyd


Who would have dressing in pink could be such fun, a great week-end and a great finish to a great holiday


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