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Holidays in Italy: festival of fire on the Sicilian islands

Holidays in Italy: festival of fire on the Sicilian islands
Holidays in Italy: festival of fire on the Sicilian islands

The north coast of Sicily is still on fire, however not from volcanic activity, but from the dance fire show, which during the past few days continues to fascinate tourists. On 23 July on the Aeolian Islands started the fourth international festival "Theatre of fire" (Teatro del Fuoco), which was named "Eros and passion". Over the next four days, everyone who chose to holiday on Sicily, will be able to enjoy a series of performances, full of sensuality, passion and magic charm through unique combination of dance art and magic seduction of fire.

Aeolian Islands, among which the biggest are Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli, are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and belong to the Messina province. They were formed by volcanic activity and for their uniqueness are included into the list of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Volcanoes on the islands of the archipelago continue to erupt at the present time, so these places best suit for the fire festival.

Tourists and residents of Sicily are awaiting several interesting evenings and spectacular fire show. At the festival will be held performances of skillful pyrotechnics playing with fire, choreographers, fakirs, jugglers and magicians from Italy, Poland, Israel, Slovakia and Argentina.

On July 27 fire show will take place at 22.00 in the "Castello" theater on the Lipari Island. Viewers will see such performances as "Out of existence", "Lady love" and show of Israeli fakirs. On Friday, July 29 the festival will continue on the island of Stromboli in the ancient Eos amphitheater. The night sky will literally ablaze with fire during the pyrotechnic show. On Sunday, July 30, on the Lipari Island will be held a grand final show of the festival. The fire and passion will merge together during the fire dances under the guidance of the talented choreographer Enzo Caruso.

Aeolian Islands are beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean and one of the most visited and favorite places among tourists. Beautiful scenery, beach holidays, yachting, scuba diving and the opportunity to see the underwater world hidden from our eyes mean great holidays. During the summer vacations are organized numerous trips to the islands. Tourists can get to these wonderful creations of nature by ferry or boat.

"Theatre of Fire" every year is gaining more and more popularity and here is observed a large influx of Italians, as well as foreign tourists. If you need accommodation for holidays on Sicily, on our portal you can book your accommodation online. From the list of hotels on Sicily you can find a suitable option for you to stay.

Date: 02/08/2011

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