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The resort-amphibian would be designed in Italy.

Underwater hotel
The concept of yacht to transport tourists in Qatar

A unique tourist complex was invented in Italy. Italian design agency Giancarlo Zema Design Group is planning to start developing a special resort that should be located in the coastal waters of the State of Qatar.

The project will be one of the most expensive tourist developments in the Middle East. The cost of future semi-submersible resort is estimated at present to 500 million dollars.

The project was called "Amphibian 1000". It represents a complex of buildings on land and at sea. The complex will accommodate office space, underwater marine gallery, residences and apartments, a marine park. The central object of the new complex will be a tower on top of which will be a restaurant, from which it will offer a panoramic view of the entire resort.

A special highlight will be the resort hotels. Four hotels in the form of capsules will be half submerged in water. All hotels offer a luxurious vacation. Total number of rooms will be 75 suites. The hotels will be connected to other parts of the "Amphibian 1000" underwater corridors, where guests of the resort can watch the underwater Sea Park exposition.

Apart from hotels "Amphibian 1000" will also have individual rooms and The Jelly-fish 45 "parked" in the waters of the resort. 80 of these "jellyfish" - a name given to floating suites - will be able to host up to 5 people. Located partially under water they also enjoy great views of the underwater sea bottom off the coast of Qatar. Each room will have 5 levels. On the underwater sightseeing area will be located in the lounge area.

For easy guest transportation Italian designers have come up with special electric water trams that will carry tourists in "Amphibians in 1000." In addition they will serve tourists and traditional yachts Trilobis 65, equipped with a glass bottom boat to observe the sea flora and fauna of the Gulf.

Italian design agency Giancarlo Zema Design Group is based in Rome. The main specialization of the company is projecting surface, waterfowl and submerged architectural structures, including water parks, floating houses. In the scope of the company also enters and design of yachts.

And since then, until the ideas of Giancarlo Zema Design Group remain just on paper; visitors can appreciate the advantages of the world surface of Italy itself. The portal offers tourists apartments in Rome, Milan, Florence, Tuscany and Sardinia villas for booking online.

Ilya Kalachev


Date: 17/08/2011

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